Zachary Morris


I feel overwhelming love. I believe it is never to late too live a dream. I see truth. I create. I learn. I grow. I do. This is our contribution of love into this vast cosmic ocean of the universe. A vessel to express our fearless and joyful song as we journey on the path to healing, growing, discovering and understanding – it is my search for equanimity in this frantic world.

Ben and I are thrilled to sail our stories and songs out into the universe. They are filled  with our adventures, loves,  passions, and truth : our path to understanding and enlightenment. This is an expression of our wistful, openhearted journey through life as we grow wiser and ever more hopeful.

I am taking a flying leap into the unknown – and I hope these songs bring you joy and and a sense of possibility in a world where it is not always present. The music Ben and I have created  reminds me to stand tall and believe in the power of my spirit - The voices that tell me to remain true to myself and always embrace my child like wonder and curiosity – or as Stevie Nicks so poetically puts it 'your gypsy'.

And so I'm back to the velvet underground. To some lace, and some paper flowers. Back to the gypsy that I love.