Our Story


This EP was developed during our time together on the UK tour of The Rocky Horror Show. Our collaboration started innocently enough: we’d set up a keyboard in a dressing room, pick a song, pick a key, and off we’d go. We’d always choose songs close to our hearts, and cover them intuitively - improvising arrangements and structure spontaneously. No charts, no planning: just jamming. But we were so drawn to each other and to the collaboration that we’d spend more and more time doing it. Most nights, we’d still be at the theatre an hour after the show had come down, and we'd have to be kicked out. But to us it felt like we’d barely been there for five minutes. 

We get lost in the music, and the music gets lost in us, and we become the music, and it becomes us, and it brings forth an inner clarity that is all the more powerful for it belonging to two of us. We find in our hearts not just the song that we are singing, but the songs our souls are crying out to sing - the deep yearnings of expression.

These songs are our stories. They’re who we are.


"I have no fear. I have only love" - Stevie Nicks, Gypsy.